| 500文字base64如何

| <h3>先试试内嵌html</h3>

| 失敗した、

| >>12c6d3 #dontquit

| mods can use [c,green] and so on

| >>1dbc13 oh thx !! but how to insert an image? should i modify the specific method in .ebr?

| you would have to add a tag for it in views/comment.erb , right now it only does <span>s, no <img>s

| >>69 also nice post number

| >>941918 oh♂♀

| >>941918 finally i tried to rewrite whole function and img tag should work

| >>941918 btw thanks for reply, i am still working on localization for chinese, maybe there are something i need to know about awoo

| [c,green]绿了?[/c]



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